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A true story of unimginable survival.

The Greely Expedition: A newly wed veteran Army officer, selected for his proven leadership talents in extreme conditions, leads a twenty-five man Congress-approved government expedition to discover the North Pole in 1881, only to be abandoned on the barren ice when critical supplies are stalled by bickering in Washington. While his powerful society wife takes on Washington, his command abilities are tested to the extreme as he and his men must survive without help, food, or supplies for three years before a relief mission finally finds the few who make it. 


From an airfield in New York within sight of the Atlantic Ocean, and strapped to an open and unprotected chair attached to a gas tank that is bolted the lower wing, after nearly three months, more than 15 crash landings, and several broken bones, Cal Rodgers lands on Long Beach, California on the Pacific Coast to become the first person to complete a trans-continental flight. A true story.


Catcher Moe Berg, a Jew, would rather be a spy than a baseball star. He accepts an assignment he is not expected to come back from; to find and kill Hitler’s top scientist before he can make a Nazi atomic bomb. To find and kill his target, Berg must go deep inside the countries of the Holocaust where capture means his certain death. Along the way he discovers parts of his heritage and the truth of Hitler’s final solution. A true story


Congress launches the most flagrant political assault on the media and the First Amendment (“Congress shall make no law...abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press...”) in American post-colonial history—effectively a political coup attempt to wrest control over the broadcast media and ultimately secure it firmly in the hands of government overseers. Enraged by what many in Congress consider the media’s pervasive influence and believing television simply to be too powerful a tool to be entrusted to anyone beyond their immediate and direct control, Congress targets then-dominant CBS and its president Dr. Frank Stanton. The coup conspiracy reaches the highest levels of government, yet Stanton fights what often seems even to him to be a futile, down-to-the-wire struggle against overwhelming odds, to preserve a free broadcast press. Should he not prevail, a free media as we know it today will cease to exist in this country. A true story. 


An Iraqi father returns to his liberated country, taking his twin children with him, and refuses to allow them to return to the United States. Despite US military control of Iraq, Iraqi/Muslim law favors the father and the US State Department is helpless to do anything. This is the true story of how their mother lures her husband back to the US and ultimately gets her children back – but it is a pyrrhic victory.