GROUNDED: When an anti-terrorism professor exposes the official lie about a rash of recent U.S. airplane crashes, she must evade government agents intent on silencing her, and risk capture to stop terrorists who are using shoulder-launched anti-aircraft missiles to shoot down passenger planes around U.S. airports. 
DON'T BREATHE: An FBI agent discovers a militia plot to kill all of the members of U.S. House of Representatives with biological weapons and risks her career and even prison when the finger of guilt points to some very powerful politicians. An over-cautious Bureau forces her to resort to unconventional and illegal tactics in a desperate attempt to prevent the slaughter. 



A day-in-the-life of a disaster. A giant sinkhole begins to rapidly consume a New York high rise building at the beginning of the work day, cutting the top floors off from rescuers, trapping workers as the building tilts precariously close to toppling over onto other nearby skyscrapers—including a hospital.  Responders have less than a day to save lives.


LIFE FLIGHT: An Air Force cargo pilot witnesses a mid-air collision that severs the cockpit and crew of a hump-back jumbo passenger jet, but  the plane continues to fly out of control with hundreds of passengers on aboard. The Air Force pilot proposes a daring rescue to save the passengers, but must sacrifice her plane in the attempt. Military brass order her away froom the crippled airliner so fighter jets can shoot down the jumbo jet in an act they consider merciful -- by quickly ending the prolonged, death-certain flight of thoseon board. (Treatment)