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Their goals are lofty: to prevent water wars in California and end the death-by-thirst droughts of Africa, by bringing rain, on demand, to where it's needed most. But who will own the weather? This is the story of young scientists who take control of the weather by using robotic nanotechnology, but whose creation is usurped by the opposing forces of greed and government: weather for profit vs. weather as a weapon. When they lose control, an artificial intelligence comes to life — turning their creation into a catastrophic Frankenstein that resists every effort to destroy it or divert it, as it barrels along on its inexorable course that threatens to cut a swath of devastation through Texas and across America.


You're a Dick, Mr. Cheyney

Enough said.

You either get it. . . or you won't !

The Musical

 C H E Y N E Y

CHAPTER ONE: Josh Hellman is a born criminal. He has spent more than three-fourths of his life as a fugitive on the Ten Most Wanted List. In fact, federal authorities placed him on the list on the very day they became aware that his crime had been committed. There was never any doubt that he was guilty as charged. Laws were broken. Since then, though barely able to walk, he has successfully crawled or been transported from every attempt to capture him, always with the help of his loving family—especially from his clever and devoted mother, Karin. And even now, despite the overwhelming and daunting police force surrounding the luxury high-rise hotel where he and his mother are presently holed up, Josh has no intention of surrendering. He clings to his mother with all of his might, presuming that she will once again protect him—as she always has. If the police want him, they’re going to have to come and get him. And if they do, he hopes the first thing they’ll do before they drag him away kicking and screaming—is change his diaper.   COMING SOON.

NOVEL - A work in progress.


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